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Break the Ice

What is a Thanksgiving memory that you have?

What is the best Black Friday deal you’ve ever seen?


Psalm 100 together.

VS 1: 

Last week Pastor Jay talked about how God is worthy of our praise.

God is worthy of our praise NO MATTER WHAT. Our circumstances shouldn’t dictate our praise, our mood shouldn’t dictate our praise, the songs, not even the band should dictate our praise.

The only thing that should dictate our praise is Gods worthiness.

Is God worthy of YOUR praise? Why or why not?

If you know that God is worthy of your praise, then every opportunity you have to praise him should be whole-hearted, even if you don’t feel like it. Many people think it’s hypocritical or fake to lift your hands, or clap, or sing to the Lord if you don’t feel like it. I’d say it’s actually quite the opposite, it shows Spiritual maturity that you wouldn’t be led by your feelings or your flesh but that you would be led by what you know in your spirit...that God is worthy of our praise no matter what.


Take a few minutes to worship together as a family, below is a link to a few songs we chose or you can use your own.

VS 2:

PJ also talked about how God is worthy of our service.

We are all called to serve Him! Service to God is not reserved only for those that are Pastors or leaders. Service to God isn’t even reserved for adults. No matter your age or occupation you can serve God. Why? Because He is worthy of it!!!

We learned that sometimes we can fall into the trap of serving God:

A. Out of greed (what can I get out of this)

B. With a grudge (haven’t I done enough for you God)

C. As a grind (like a job)

Which of these traps have you found your self in?

Discuss 1 new way you can serve God.

VS 3

He alone is God

Is God number one in your life right now?

Who or what competes for that position in your life?

If God does not come first in our lives we will constantly feel unbalanced.

What practical decision do you need to make to make sure God is first in your life?

VS 4

He is worthy of our praise.

What is God doing in your life right now?
What is he speaking to you?

VS 5

God is Good

3 things that will help you remain grateful for Gods goodness:

1. Being aware of how blessed we are. Just the fact that we live in the USA make us more blessed than most of the world
2. Remembering your blessings

Share some of the times in the past where God blessed you.

3. Take action! It will be easy to be grateful for what God has done for you when you realize how much you are truly blessed in order to bless others.

The world doesn’t set us up to this very well because we live in a world that gives us so many opportunities to think of ourselves.
For example if you are hungry? Here are 20+ options within a 10 mile radius, and if that’s not enough you don’t even have to go get the food, they’ll grub hub, favor, or Uber eats it, right to your front door.

But the world doesn’t always make it so easy to do something nice for someone else. Taking action will require effort , intentionality, and sacrifice!

What is something each of you can do for someone else this week?

What about next week, and the week after that?

How can you create a culture in your family, to be a blessing to those around you?

Pray together and and spend some time seeking God for open doors to be a continual blessing to those you encounter each day.