To create an atmosphere where we can grow our relationship with God by learning to have a proper view of who He is; while learning how God truly sees us, so that we can also view those around us with love and compassion.  



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To see God accurately, learn to see ourselves correctly, and view others properly. 

Jay & Kim Martinez




With 19 years each of ministry experience, 13 of that side by side, Pastors Jay & Kim Martinez are thrilled to step into their next adventure as Lead Pastors of Twenty|20 Church. Their mission is clear; they want to equip people to see God, see themselves, and see others through the correct lenses. Driven by their passion for God and their compassion for His people, Jay & Kim have given their lives to this call and purpose.

      Pastor Jay received his Biblical training at Vision Christian Bible College and is currently the campus director of Twenty|20 Bible Institute, an affiliate of that same school. Together, their experience in ministry includes work in a variety of areas including, youth, marriage, life groups, associate pastoring, and children’s ministry, which has served to prepare them as well-rounded ministers eager to faithfully serve the church in any way they can.

     Whether behind a pulpit or at home with their 4 children, Ashlee, Jaelynn, Tysson, and Jaxxon, they believe in being real, relatable, and approachable, it is crucial to them to live an authentic Christian life that sets the example, but also refuse to pretend to be perfect for the sake of “playing church”. Pastors Jay & Kim are committed to encouraging you, challenging you, equipping you, and journeying with you as you experience the life-changing power of God at Twenty|20. 

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